We dream big.

Let's do something so big that, if we succeed, only God can get the credit. These four dreams can transform lives and influence generations.

Transforming Community
Transforming lives through Jesus
Training Center
Training tomorrow's leaders today
Technology Catalyst
Using all means to share Jesus
Turnover Church
Taking the Gospel beyond Greene

We keep it simple.

You don't need to wonder about your next step. We help you take it.

Worship Gatherings
Transforming lives through engaging teaching and music

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Connect Groups
Creating relational environments where growth and care flourish

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Developing obedient followers of Jesus who reproduce and serve

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Volunteer Teams
Releasing leaders to impact their world for Christ

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We stay focused.

This is Jesus' church. He has given us a three-fold mission.

Believing God is our vertical focus
Building up believers is our horizontal focus
Changing our world is our global focus

We have values.

We don't care that much about what we eat or drink or wear. But there are a few things we take pretty seriously.

The Good news is our heartbeat.

What is the Good News?


We aren't here to build our brand. We are here to build God's kingdom.


Corporate America likes CEOs. Jesus likes teams.


We deeply respect and value humility.


No guilt trips here. We show you and help you obey Jesus.

We measure our success.

Some churches gauge success by attendance, budgets, and buildings. We look for transformation. Because Jesus is to people what cocoons are to caterpillars. Come to one of our worship gatherings and you'll see us celebrating transformation stories. Because if lives aren't changing, we aren't doing our job.  

We love watching people go public with their faith
Steps of obedience honor God and excite us
We cheer when sleeves are rolled up

We would love to hear from you.