Explore six explosive truths of Christianity and get answers to life-changing questions:

How do I know for sure I am going to Heaven?
What is baptism?
How exactly am I supposed to pray?
How do I use the Bible?
How can I overcome temptation?
Why should I attend church?
How can I improve my relationships?
How does God expect me to use my time, talents, & treasure?

When’s the last time you shared your faith? Do you know how? By the end of this training, you will have the tools and confidence to share your faith with anyone, anywhere! Look for answers to these questions and more:

Do even good people go to hell?
How can I find out if my friends are going to Heaven?
How do I reach people who are far from God?
How can I use my salvation story to impact others?
What must a person know to be saved?

201 Training Audios

Have you found your place in the amazing body of Christ? We want to help you:

KNOW my spiritual gifts and opportunities for service

BE a person with a servant’s heart

DO serve in an existing ministry, or create one, and become a church member (if desired)

301 Training Videos

This is the final step in our growth process. We ask you to help lead another person through one of the Growth Process books. After this, we welcome you to meet with our Elder Team to be interviewed for membership! You can also take advantage of a lifetime of further training opportunities including:

Financial Peace University
Training for ministry leadership
Connect Leader training