Berean internships will help you identify your skills, gifts
and passions to better serve the Church and your community.

Why does Berean invest in interns?

We are a church with a passion for training tomorrow’s leaders today.

Who leads the intern?

Each intern has a staff leader who helps manage the intern’s responsibilities while offering accountability and feedback.

How long does a Berean internship last?

We are flexible with timing, offering internships that last from 12 weeks to 12 months.

How do internships help the intern?

Our internships provide extensive ministry experience and leadership mentoring. Interns are exposed to healthy ministry in a growing multi-site church (a great resume builder).

How do internships help Berean?

As we continue launching new campuses and church plants, internships provide a great opportunity to develop future staff members who have the heart and hands of a Berean. It also helps God’s kingdom as we raise up and send out passionate and equipped leaders.

Who qualifies for an internship?

We have had interns from Berean and other churches. Some interns are high school graduates earning church-matching scholarships for college; others are exploring a life of full-time church ministry. If in doubt, feel free to apply and we can discover if an internship is available, and if it would be a good fit for you.

Internship Areas