Letter to the Editor

Casinos are the savior of the Binghamton area. They will bring jobs. They will lower taxes. They will fund education. If you believe this, you’ve likely been influenced by the powerful and wealthy gambling industry. Research shows that casinos do bring a lot to a community. They bring a rise of gambling addictions, bankruptcy, violence, crime, abuse, and suicide. Casinos have been compared to an economic nuclear bomb in a community. Take Atlantic City where two-thirds of their independent restaurants closed after the casinos opened. You now have twelve casinos surrounded by some of the worst poverty in the nation. Visit Atlantic City and you’ll find unemployment in the double digits and a police force that has doubled to deal with skyrocketing crime. So much for economic salvation. Last Sunday we made the news for discussing the gambling issue from a biblical perspective. God teaches us to value contentment and hard work. The gambling industry thrives off our greed and desire to stop working. I challenge you to read “Why Casinos Matter” online from the American Values Institute. The temporary economic boost casinos offer is quickly outweighed by the social, moral, and long-term economic pain. Our financially struggling state is looking for a quick fix. Casinos are not our savior. Our church exists to point people to the real Savior.

Justin Bleuer

Teaching Pastor

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